Number 01R0254S   MIC: COJ
Company: COMMANDER BOATS   Company Official: DRG
Model Name: HAWK   Model Year: 2001
Problem 1: VENTILATION      
Problem 2:      
HIN COJ22505B101   Case Open Date: 7/24/2001
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date: 6/17/2003
Units 10   Campaign Open Date 7/24/2001
Boat Type 13   Campaign Close Date 6/17/2003
Severity: H   Last Date: 3/28/2003
Metal fuel cross over valve is within 11: of the battery top horizantal plane without dielectric shielding. Battery is installed directly below a fitting in the fuel system. Natural ventilation exhaust vent fitting has less than 3 square inches of open area. Powered and natural ventilation systems share the same exhaust duct. Boat did not have the required exhaust blower warning label. Reply recd. 6/19/02. Letter sent stating the need to do a recall for blower warning label. MFR also has case 02R0410. DNR RECEIVED 10/24/02. VOICE MAIL LEFT REQUESTING DOCS 3/28/03, 4/11/03 SPOKE WITH KIM, AWAITING SUPERVISOR TO COMPLETE CUR, WILL FORWARD AS SOON AS COMPLETED