Number 100021T   MIC: RGR
Company: RANGER BOATS LLC   Company Official:
Model Name: Z520, Z521, Z522, 621VS, 620   Model Year: 2011
Problem 1: ELECTRICAL      
Problem 2:      
HIN END F!@G!@H011   Case Open Date:
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date:
Units 103   Campaign Open Date 9/16/2010
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date 6/24/2013
Severity: H   Last Date: 5/8/2013
A SPECIFIC CAPACITOR USED IN THE POWER DISTRIBUTION BOX MAY FAIL. THE INTERNAL HEAT GENERATED MAY MELT SOME OF THE POTTING COMPOUND IN THE POWER DISTRIBUTION BOX. THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY THAT THE HOT COMPOUND MAY DRIP FROM THE POWER DISTRIBUTION BOX, CONTACTING THE BOAT'S OPERATOR AND POTENTIALLY CAUSING INJURY. RECALL CAMPAIGN INVOLVES INSTALLING A PROTECTIVE SHIELD. RECD CUR #1, 22/103 BOATS CORR OR NO PROBLEM 11-21-11, RECD CUR 2 2/10/11 29/103 CORR OR FOUND WITH NO PROBLEM JDH. RECD CUR 3- 5/9/11 JDH NO CHANGE IN CORRECTED BOATS. RECD CUR 4, NO CHANGE IN CORRECTED BOATS 8/9/11 JDH. RECD CUR 5- 11/4/11 JDH- NO CHANGE IN BOATS. RECD CUR 9 2/1/2013 LEN- 5 OF 40 BOATS REPAIRED.2/8/13 CUR 10 recieved 31 of 103 repaired, 1 without the problem. eaj5/8/13 CUR 11 recieved 31 of 103 repaired, 1 without the problem, no change since 5/9/11 and no additional incidents relating to the possible defect have been noted over this two year period therefore, this campaign is considered complete. Case Closed. eaj