Number 10R3776S   MIC: OPL
Model Name: 40 SL INBOARD GAS POWERED   Model Year: 2010
Problem 1: VENTILATION      
Problem 2: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM      
HIN OPL44103H910   Case Open Date: 3/22/2010
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date: 11/3/2014
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 3/11/2010
Boat Type 12   Campaign Close Date 6/16/2014
Severity: L   Last Date: 11/3/2014
"(1) 72 COLREGS and Inland Rules, Rule 23REPEAT VIOLATION 2005 ADN 2007. (2) 33CFR183.550(a)(3) 33CFR181.15(a)(1)(4) 33CFR181.29(a)(5) 72 COLREGS, Annex I para. 10(a) and Inland Rules para. 84.19(a) 72 COLREGS, Annex I para. 9(a)(i) and Inland Rules para. 84.17(a) (6) 33CFR183.410(a)(7) 33CFR183.440(a) (8) 46CFR25.35(a) & 46CFR58.10 (9) 33CFR183.514(a) (10) 33CFR183.568ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF CASE HISTORY IN DOMA. EJ emailed mnf 11/13/13 JK. PPG visited 11/21/13 and inspected another boat for education purposes 13R5367, mailed out letter 11/27/13 for case update on this case and 07R2119S JK. Emailed mnf 1/27/14 JK.1/27/14 Received response from mfgr. Item 1 still needs to be addressed, OBS forwarded contact at Perko and Attwood who can make a custom all round light for their application. Item 2. a response will be sent shortly from mfgr. Item 3 & 4 are corrected. Item 5 requires proof of compliance as installed. Items 6-10 are corrected. eaj. Emailed mnf 3/6/14 JK. Left VM and sent email 3/20/14, 4/2/14, 4/16/14, 5/13/14, 5/21/14 JK.6/6/14 All aspects of this case have been corrected except for the installation of the sidelights (5). Once the correction is made mfgr will notify OBS. eaj Spoke with mnf and he stated the new boats are not ready but will be in a few weeks, he will then send in photo 7/16/14 JK. Called and left VM 8/26/14, 9/29/14, 10/27/14, 10/28/14 JK.11/3/14 Mfgr provided documentation of correction to the side lights. Final issue resolved. case closed. eaj"