Number 10R3848S   MIC: BIC
Company: BIC SPORT NORTH AMERICA INC   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: 'SPORTYAK' ROWBOAT   Model Year: 2009
Problem 1: LABEL; CAPACITY      
Problem 2: HULL ID NUMBER      
HIN BICK2471I909   Case Open Date: 5/26/2010
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date
Boat Type 15   Campaign Close Date
Severity: l   Last Date: 3/4/2019
(1) 33CFR183.2- NO USCG CAPACITIES LABEL DISPLAYED (2) 33CFR181.5-9 NO CERTIFICATION LABEL (3) 33CFR181.29(a) HIN AFFIXED TO AFT STARBOARD AND NOT ON TRANSOM (4) 33CFR181.29(b) DUPLICATE HIN AFFIXED IN AN EXPOSED LOCATION SENT DN LETTER 6/2/10, SPOKE TO MNF 7/8/10 LEFT VM 8/2/10 JDH. DECERBO VM FULL, LEFT VM TO DIR OF OPERATIONS AND ACCT FOR BIC 9/8/10 JDH. RECD VM FROM MNF 9/13/10 JDH C DECERBO SHOULD BE GETTING US PAPERWORK WITHIN WEEK. LEFT VM AND EMAIL 11/9/10 JDH. SPOKE TO C DECERBO, HAS BEEN WORKING ON THE PROBLEM AND IS CLOSE TO HAVING DNR READY. LEFT VM FOR MNF 11/22/10 , 11/30/10 JDH. 12/9/10 RECD DNR FORM AND CORRECTIONS FROM MNF, SHOULD EXPECT FIRST PURCHASER LETTER 1/4/11 EMAILED MNF. 01/19/11 JDH CALLED MNF FOR UPDATE ON FIRST PURCHASER LETTER. LETTER RECD 1/21/11- OK'D BY EJ 1/27/11. EMAILED MNF 2/28/11. 03/16/11 JDH. SPOKE TO MNF- CUR COMING 3/23/11. RECD CUR 1 - O/60 BOATS CORR. JDH NEXT CUR DUE 6/29/11 JDH. EMAILED MNF FOR CUR UPDATE 6/7/12, 7/12/12 JDH. Emailed mnf 8/12/13 JDH. Emailed mnf 11/13/13 , 12/4/13 JK. Left a message with Tracey and sent email 2/12/14 JK. Emailed mnf 2/20/14 JK. Left VM and email 3/10/14 JK. VM 3/14/14 JK. VM and email 3/26/14, 4/9/14 JK. VM 4/28/14 JK. VM 5/28/14 JK. Sent stern email 6/19/14 JK. VM 7/31/14 JK. VM 9/3/14 JK. VM 10/24/14 JK. Spoke w/ Jimmy and emailed the initial letters to him, explained what's needed 12/8/14 JK. VM 2/2/15 JK. VM, email 2/20/15 JK. VM 3/13/15 JK. VM, email 5/6/15 JK. Email 7/6/15 PJM. 09/23/15 VM PJM. VM 3/16/16 - JT. MNF claims didn’t receive intial letters because of address change, sent letter 4/11/16 JT. MIC revocation letter sent 04/12/2016 to BIC Sport North America (BIC). MIC was revoked for continued noncompliance MAJ. Called left VM 6/14/16 JT. MIC revoked 4/12/16. 4/13/2016 MIC REVOKED FOR CONTINUED NONCOMPLIANCE WITH U.S. COAST GUARD RECREATIONAL BOAT SAFETY STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS. MAJ 3/4/19 changed last date to today for sake of public website-CC