Number 11R4294S   MIC: SRR
Company: CARAVELLE POWERBOATS   Company Official: LEN
Model Name: '202 BR' IB POWERED BOAT   Model Year: 2012
Problem 1: ELECTRICAL      
Problem 2:      
HIN SRR21585D112   Case Open Date: 6/6/2011
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date
Boat Type 12   Campaign Close Date
Severity: L   Last Date: 6/9/2016
(1) 33CFR183.460(a) THE UNGROUNDED SUPPLY CONDUCTOR FROM THE STORAGE BATTERY TO THE TRIM PUMP DID NOT HAVE OVERCURRENT PROTECTION WITHIN 72 INCHES OF THE BATTERY.SENT DN LETTER, DNR AND CUR FORMS JDH 6/14/11. EMAILED MNF 7/28/11 JDH. MNF HAS DNR FORM APPROVED BY LEN AND S KYNASTON- WAITING FOR 1ST PURCHASER LETTER 7/29/11 JDH. EMAILED REMINDER TO MNF 8/30/11 JDH. EMAILED MNF 9/28/11 JDH TO CHECK ON FIRST PURCHASER NOTIFICATION. EMAILED MNF 11/8/11 JDH FOR UDPATE. LEFT VM WITH MNF 11/16/11 JDH. LEFT VM AND EMAIL 12/7/11 JDH. LEFT VM FOR MNF 1/20/12 JDH. MNF EMAILED AND CALLED IN, SHOULD HAVE A RESPONSE SHORTLY 1/24/12 JDH. RECD CUR UPDATING MFN IN-STOCK CORRECTIONS AND A DRAFT OF FIRST PURACHSER NOTIFICAITON THAT WAS INSUFFICIENT. FWD COMPLETE FIRST PURCHASER REQUIREMENTS TO MFN 2/8/12 JDH. EMAILED MNF FOR UPDATE 6/7/12, LEFT VM FOR MNF 7/12/12 JDH. Emailed strong reminder to mnf 8/12/13 JDH. Emailed and called mnf 11/26/13 , 01/02/14, 3/6/14 JK. Called and emailed 3/24/14, 4/7/14, 4/23/14 JK. Sent stern email 5/14/14, 6/4/14 and left VM Jk. Sent mnf a stern email and called left VM 6/26/14 JK. Called and was not able to leave VM, sent email 7/31/14, 9/3/14 JK. Called phone number not able to leave message, googled the company and Eugene Sak sold the company 2 years ago, LEN advised me to put company inactive because of the lack of response from mnf 10/22/14 JK. Checking with LEN 4/11/16 JT. MNF INACTIVE