Number 12R4657S   MIC: INP
Company: INNESPACE PRODUCTIONS LLC   Company Official: LEN
Model Name: 'X-MODEL' IB POWERED SUBMERSIBLE   Model Year: 2011
Problem 1: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM      
Problem 2: VENTILATION      
HIN INPSB021E111   Case Open Date: 5/9/2012
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date: 1/3/2018
Units 1   Campaign Open Date
Boat Type 17   Campaign Close Date
Severity: H   Last Date: 12/19/2017
2 DN 3 FP VIOLATIONSSENT FP Lt 5/14/12 JDH. EMAILED MNF 6/20/12 , MNF RESPONDED VIA EMAIL REQ A FEW DAYS, FWD EMAIL TO LEN. SENT REM EMAIL TO MNF 7/12/12, 7/24/12 JDH. MNF EM DNR FORM, 1ST PURCHASER LETTER AND HIN INFO 7/28/12. MNF EM CUR 7/29/12 JDH. 7/30/2012 CUR 1 0 OF 20. LEN. Em rem to mnf for overdue CFR 1/9/13 jdh. Em mnf 12/19/13 JK. MNF stated business is closed and sent in photo; emailed info to LEN 01/02/14 JK. Called mnf and they needed clarification on their letter to customers, LEN will respond 2/12/14 JK. FRWD LEN letters from mnf to give feedback, once feedback is given mnf will send in CUR 3/19/14 JK. spoke with mnf they are working on submitting the documents 4/9/14 Jk. Called and left VM 4/30/14 JK. MNF submitted CUR 5/6/14 JK. spoke with mnf and they will submit CUR soon 8/26/14 JK. mnfhe stated he sent in CUR and to call AMY, left message 10/22/14 JK. Called and spoke with mnf and they will submit CUR soon, Amy stated they have been busy but will submit soon 12/2/14 JK. Called and left VM, sent email 1/20/15 JK. 01/20/2015 RCVD CUR 3 18 OF 20. LEN spoke with MNF and he will send in CUR #4. spoke to mnfr, not hopeful about last 2 boats of the 20. Req that they still submit same report. Mnf said she will send report today PJM. 11/23/15 - Called and spoke to Aimee Dessem. Requested CUR again. Will try to send by Wed 11/25 (B4 Thxgiv). PJM Called and LV 4/4/16 JT. Spoke with mnf and she stated she will send in CUR asap and they still have the same amount from last CUR 5/19/16 JT. Spoek with Aimee, sent email requesting CUR 7/6/16 JT. 7/8/2016 RCVD CUR 4 18 OF 20 REPAIRED. LEN. Sent mnf reminder for CUR #5 11/3/16, 1/25/17 and called JT. LV and sent email 3/27/17 JT. 5/11/2017 RCVD CUR 5. REQUESTED TERMINATION. RECOMMENDED TERMINATION. LEN 8/30/17 LM for Aimme with inst for term as per LEN- CC 12/19/17 left detailed urg msg w Jason for Aimee-CC RCVD CAMPAIGN CLOSE LETTER BY EMAIL. CASE CLOSED. LEN