Number 12R4760S   MIC: SKG
Company: SHOCKWAVE CUSTOM BOATS   Company Official: LEN
Model Name: '25 TREMOR' IB POWERED BOAT   Model Year: 2012
Problem 1: VENTILATION      
Problem 2: VENTILATION      
HIN SKG25792H112   Case Open Date: 7/10/2012
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 7/10/2012
Boat Type 12   Campaign Close Date
Severity: L   Last Date: 9/6/2018
"(1) 33CFR183.630(d) (2) 33CFR183.630(a)(3) 33CFR183.542(4)International Rules Rules, Annex I, 9(a)(i) & Inland Navigation Rules, 84.17(a)(5)33CFR183.430(a) (6) 33CFR183.410(a) SENT DN/FP/HQ LETTER 7/12/12 JDH. Emailed mnf 9/24/12 jdh. Mnf emailed 10/2/12, fwd to len. 11/6/2012 SENT EMAIL TO MFR INDICATING #3 RESOLUTION AND WAITING UPON DOCUMENTATION FOR #1,2,4,& 6. LEN. Emailed a reminder to mnf 1/4/13, 6/8/13 JDH. Emailed LEN to call mnf 7/30/13 JDH. LEN CALLED SKG AND LEFT MESSAGE. 07/30/13. Called and spoke with mnf and emailed teh requirements needed 12/12/13 JK. Emailed mnf 1/31/14 JK. Left message with secratary, sent email 2/28/14 JK. Spoke with mnf and emailed DNR, CUR and initial letter and emails 3/18/14 , 4/3/14 JK. Called and left VM 5/14/14 JK. Sent mnf stern email 6/5/14 JK. Called mnf to remind him to submit requested documents 6/26/14 JK. Called and left message, sent email 8/19/14 JK. Called and left VM 9/25/14 JK. Called and spoke to mnf and he will submith the DNR soon 11/13/14 JK. Spoke with mnf and they emailed the DNR frwd it to LEN 12/17/14 Jk. Spoke with mnf and sent them CUR to fill out and submit 2/11/15 JK. Spoke with MNF and he needs guidance on 1st purchaser letter emailed LEN 3/19/15 JK.10/08/15 Called, LV for Jennifer Spiking. Found MNF Defect/noncompliance notice to customers sent by MNF. Still need CUR. Also still need photos requested in Lou's email to MNF. PJM 10/15/2015 RCVD CUR 0. 4 OF 214 REPARED. LEN Called LV and sent follow up email requesting CUR 4/5/16 - JT. 4/14/2016 RCVD CUR 2. 18 OF 214 REPAIRED. LEN Called to remind mnf about CUR #3 7/20/16 JT. 7/27/2016 RCVD CUR 3. 38 OF 214 REPAIRED. LEN. LV for CUR, sent email 11/16/16 JT. 12/1/2016 RCVD CUR 4. 41 OF 214 REPAIRED. LEN. Sent mnf CUR reminder 3/27/17 JT. Sent stern email and lv 5/18/17 JT. 5/23/2017 RCVD CUR 5 42 OF 214 REPAIRED. LEN. 9/19/17 Left msg for Jen about next CUR-CC 9/25/2017 RCVD CUR 6 42 OF 214 REPAIRED. LEN 12/28/17 em mnf for CUR-CC 2/2/18 em mnf for CUR-CC 2/6/18 REC cur 8 42/214-len 5/8/18 em mnf for CUR-CC 5/31/18- CUR 9 received-LEN 9/6/18 mnf said she will send CUR to LEN right away-CC 9/6/18 mfr sent CUR10 42/214 to LEN-CC"