Number 12R4873S   MIC: HTF
Company: SOLO BOAT CO   Company Official: EJ
Model Name: JB FISHER ROWBOAT RATED FOR 2   Model Year: 2012
Problem 1: SAFE LOADING MAX WT      
Problem 2: LABEL; CAPACITY      
HIN HTFSB003B212   Case Open Date: 11/18/2012
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 1/20/2013
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date 1/28/2013
Severity: L   Last Date: 1/28/2013
"(1) 33CFR183.23 & 33CFR183.35 & .41Based on the manufacturer test data!@ the posted maximum weight capacity was excessive. Given the stated test tank displacement number of 880 pounds!@ the maximum weight capacity would be 264 pounds; the posted maximum weight capacity was 300 pounds.The capacity label was not marked with the maximum persons capacity in pounds. For a boat rated for 2 HP!@ the maximum persons capacity is 90 percent of the maximum weight capacity!@ less 25 pound to account for the engine weight.(2) 33CFR183.25(b)&(c)The posted capacity label did not include the line