Number 12R4873S   MIC: HTF
Company: SOLO BOAT CO   Company Official: EJ
Model Name: 'JB FISHER' ROWBOAT RATED FOR 2   Model Year: 2012
Problem 1: SAFE LOADING MAX WT      
Problem 2: LABEL; CAPACITY      
HIN HTFSB003B212   Case Open Date: 11/18/2012
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 1/20/2013
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date 1/28/2013
Severity: L   Last Date: 1/28/2013
"(1) 33CFR183.23 & 33CFR183.35 & .41Based on the manufacturer test data, the posted maximum weight capacity was excessive. Given the stated test tank displacement number of 880 pounds, the maximum weight capacity would be 264 pounds; the posted maximum weight capacity was 300 pounds.The capacity label was not marked with the maximum persons capacity in pounds. For a boat rated for 2 HP, the maximum persons capacity is 90 percent of the maximum weight capacity, less 25 pound to account for the engine weight.(2) 33CFR183.25(b)&(c)The posted capacity label did not include the line