Number 13R4949S   MIC: GQE
Company: EPIC BOATS   Company Official: LEN
Model Name: '23v' ib powered boat   Model Year: 2013
Problem 1: VENTILATION      
Problem 2:      
HIN US-GQE23028K213   Case Open Date: 3/19/2013
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 8/7/2015
Boat Type 12   Campaign Close Date
Severity: L   Last Date: 8/3/2015
(1) 33CFR183.620(a)(1)There was no natural supply ventilation system provided for the gasoline engine compartment.Sent DN Letter 3/26/13 JDH. 5/27/2013 DNR. 129 AFFECTED UNITS-40 CORRECTED. LEN 6/27/2013 CUR 1 44 UNITS CORRECTED OF 129 AFFECTED. LEN. 11/14/2013 DIRECTED GQE TO PERFORM CUR. LEN. Emailed remiinder and CUR form to mnf and left VM 1/28/14 JK, 2/28/14 JK. Spoke with mnf Buddy, emailed CUR and other correspondence forms 3/18/14 JK. Emailed mnf 4/3/14 JK. Called and spoke with Buddy who stated he emailed the CUR on 4/14/14 JK. 4/28/2014 RCVD CUR 1 92 REPAIRED OF 192. LEN Sent a remindar email for CUR 7/24/14 JK. Called and spoke with Jennifer Fitz. emailed a CUR form 8/27/14 JK. MNF sent in CUR 8/28/14 JK. 08/28/2014 RCVD CUR 4 92 REPAIRED OF 192. LEN. Called and spoke Haley with who informed me Mr. Callow is no longer with the company and lshe will find out new POC and give them my message 12/12/14 Jk. MNF called in and will submit CUR 5 soon 12/12/14 Jk. MNF submitted CUR #5 92 of 129 REPAIRED. 12/12/14 JK. TERMINATION REQUESTED. DENIED. 12/18/15 LEN. Called and spoke with MNF he will send in CUR 3/19/15 JK. Spoke with MNF Mr. House and he stated he will email CUR today 5/6/15 JK. 08/03/15 - Called and spoke to Haley. LM for MNF. MNF, Mr. House called back. Explained that campaign will have to continue. Must continue to try to reach customers for at leat 1 year per LEN. MNF will send new CUR today. PJM 08/03/2015 CUR #7 92 of 129 REPAIRED. RECOMMEND TERMINATION. LEN