Number 14CG004   MIC: EKH
Company: CAROLINA SKIFF LLC   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: CAROLINA SKIFF 17 DLX   Model Year: 2014
Problem 1: SAFE LOADING MAX WT      
Problem 2:      
HIN EKHD7376A414   Case Open Date: 9/5/2014
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date:
Units 351   Campaign Open Date 12/18/2014
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date 6/3/2019
Severity: H   Last Date: 6/3/2019
DATE TESTED: SEPTEMBER 4, 2014 The model tested did not meet the safety standards marked FAILED on the enclosed summary of test results. Mailed test and DNR/CUR forms 10/9/14 JK. 102914 PLC - EXPLAINED THE RECALL PROCEDURE TO MNF, WHO WILL SUB DNR GOING BACK TO 1994. 12/18/2014 RCVD DNR AND HIN LIST. LEN Called LV 4/17/15 JK. Called and LV 4/27/15 JK. Spoke with MNF 4/29/15 JK. 05/13/2015 RECVD CUR 1. NO DATA GIVEN. LEN 07/08/15 Left VM. PJM 07/09/15 mnf returned call. will email new CUR. PJM 071015 PLC - RCVD CUR2: 268 UC. MNF REQ CLOSURE, DECLINED. 040119 - CUR5: 273 UC. MNF REQ CLOSURE.. PLC. 060319 - MNF REQ CLOSURE. GRANTED. CAMPAIGN CLOSED.