Number 14R5556S   MIC: EUJ
Model Name: 1654’ outboard powered boat   Model Year: 2015
Problem 1: SAFE LOADING MAX WT      
Problem 2: All round lights      
HIN EUJ00348L415   Case Open Date: 12/29/2014
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date: 9/21/2018
Units 1   Campaign Open Date
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date
Severity: l   Last Date: 9/21/2018
"(1) All round light 1 m higher than side lights. Annex I, 84.03(d) (2) 33CFR183.35 & .41 The maximum weight and persons capacities marked on a boat must not exceed the tested or calculated values. Mailed letter, DNR and CUR 12/31/14 JK. Called LV and sent email 2/13/15 JK. DNR and CUR 1 improperly completed and not accepted. Calcs arrived w/o revised label. Provided direction by email. LEN. Sent mnf email 4/15/15 JK.8/19/15 - Called and spoke to mnf. Xferred to PLC. PJM081915 PLC - INF MNF THAT SUBMITTED CALC ARE NOT SUFFICIENTLY DETAILED TO VERIFY MWC. NEED TO RESUBMIT. MNF INF THAT NO NAV LIGHT AS INSPECTED EVER LEFT SHOP, THEREFORE NO UNITS TO RECALL. WILL SUBM PHOTO OF CORRECT NAV LIGHTS. Spoke with mnf and he is about to start testing in March, mailed CUR forms out 2/8/16 JT. Called and spoke with Mr. Potter he stated he recieved the documents and has started to correct the non compliance issues 4/18/16 JT. Called LV and sent email 6/15/16 JT. Spoke with mnf and he stated he will submit DNR soon 7/21/16 JT. Sent mnf email 9/28/16, 11/21/16, 3/2/17 JT. LV 3/15/17 JT. Spoke with mnf and he will send in evidence soon 5/11/17 JT. 7/5/17 LM-CC 8/24/17 Spoke to mnf who sent photos to me via RW . I forwarded them to PLC and copied mnf- CC 5/3/18 em PLC for update-CC050318 - CHANGED FROM CAMPAIGN TO CASE. MNF WILL RESUBMIT PHOTOS OF NAV LITE 1M DIFF AND CAP LABEL TO COMPLEMENT PREVIOUSLY SUBM CALC TO CLOSE CASE. PLC. 6/20/18 spoke w mnf and sent follow up email. He stated he will send photos tonight and they are already ready to go-CC 8/16/18 left very urgent vm message-CC 9/19/18 mfr said he sent and will resend tonight-CC 9/20/18 mfr sent photos, awaiting PLC review-CC092118 - MNF SUBM PHOTOS OF CAP LABEL AND NAV LIGHTS. CASE CLOSED. PLC."