Number 15R5660S   MIC: WJU
Company: STAN-CRAFT BOAT COMPANY   Company Official: EAJ
Model Name: ‘17 Riverboat’ outboard boat   Model Year: 2015
Problem 1: LABEL; CAPACITY      
HIN   Case Open Date: 11/4/2015
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date: 4/4/2011
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 3/25/2016
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date 4/4/2011
Severity: L   Last Date: 2/20/2018
(1) 33CFR183.23The boat did not have a U.S. Coast Guard capacity label. 2) 33CFR181.5-9 The outboard powered boat subject to the safe loading, safe powering, display of capacity information, flotation and navigation light certification regulations of Part 183 did not have a certification label. (3) 33CFR183.35 & .41 Manufacturer did not have calculations or test data to show compliance with Coast Guard safe loading capacities. (4)International Navigation Rules Annex I, 2(d) & Inland Navigation Rules Annex I, 84.03(d) The all-round light was approximately 0.7m higher than the sidelights. 5) 33CFR183.810 The combined navigation sidelight fixture was not marked in compliance with 33CFR183.810. (6) 33CFR183.201-202 Manufacturer did not have test data or calculations to support compliance with level flotation and stability test requirements. The inherent wood hull flotation did not appear sufficient to support the persons and motor loads for compliance with level flotation and stability test requirements. The persons capacity to be supported had not been established. 1/05/15 - Mailed letter with DNR and CUR. PJM Called and spoke also sent email to mnf (Cory) and he stated he sent in the evidence. I explained we have not received it and to resend all the info 3/25/16- JT. 3/25/16 Mfgr has begun recall DNR received 11 boats effected. awaiting documentation on other FP issues CUR 1 received 0 of 11 corrected. eaj. Spoke with mnf and sent email 8/17/16 JT. 9/23/16 CUR 3 - 5 of 11 repaired. eaj Sent mnf 3/7/17 JT.3/7/17 CUR 4 - 6 of 11. eaj 7/5/17 LM for Cory and asked for CUR-CC 7/6/17 CUR 5 - 6 of 11. ej 11/0217 called and reminded mnf to send CUR-CC11/2/17 CUR 6 6 of 11 ej 2/16/18 em mnf for CUR-CC 4/4/18 spoke w mnf who said it will be sent to EAJ today-CC4/4/18 CUR 7 11 of 11 corrected campaign closed. ej2/20/18 CUR 8