Number 170007S   MIC: WDB
Company: WELDBILT COMMERCIAL   Company Official: MAJ
Model Name:   Model Year:
Problem 1: HULL ID NUMBER      
Problem 2: LEVEL FLOTATION      
HIN   Case Open Date: 5/19/2017
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1800   Campaign Open Date 5/19/2017
Boat Type   Campaign Close Date
Severity:   Last Date: 4/11/2018
"WELDBILT produced approximately 1800 boats of an unidentified model(s) and introduced them into the recreational market utilizing the fraudulewnt MIC ""CM1"" to construct a fraudulent HIN. Reported by Arkansas BLA due to HIN Verification issue. A private party attempted to re-register a boat with a CM1 MIC and was turned away. Affected boats are labeled ""Commercial Use Only"" and are non-compliant for recreational purposes. WDB must ensure appropriate compliance with all labeling and level flotation where applicabel. Some units may be subject to a flotation exemption based on use in shallow water/swamp/marsh locations. MAJ 7/12/17 CUR1 received. it does not contain enough info. MJ said if #2 does not contain it more follow up is necessary-CC 7/18/17 spoke w J. Childress and explained how to fill out forms as per LEN's suggestion. MFR requested list of open cases and campaigns. I faxed and sent these over- CCTelecon w/J. Childress 9/18/2017 regarding his failure to provide all necessary required information with respect to this recall. Mr. Childress was advised that the Coast Guard requires his dealer network that sold the boats subject to this recall and the grographic regions that these boats were sold into to determine the extent his level flotation can be used. MAJ 10/18/17 received retailer list. scanned and sent pdf to MJ-CC 4/11/18 spoke w mnf who said some action will be taken by middle of next week. WH said if not, revoke-CC"