Number 170007S   MIC: WDB
Company: WELDBILT COMMERCIAL   Company Official: MAJ
Model Name:   Model Year:
Problem 1: HULL ID NUMBER      
Problem 2: LEVEL FLOTATION      
HIN   Case Open Date: 5/19/2017
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units   Campaign Open Date 5/19/2017
Boat Type   Campaign Close Date
Severity:   Last Date: 10/18/2017
"WELDBILT produced approximately 1800 boats of an unidentified model(s) and introduced them into the recreational market utilizing the fraudulewnt MIC ""CM1"" to construct a fraudulent HIN. Reported by Arkansas BLA due to HIN Verification issue. A private party attempted to re-register a boat with a CM1 MIC and was turned away.