Number 17CG097S   MIC: EJE
Company: XTREME BOATS   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: BRUTE 1654 SC   Model Year: 2017
Problem 1: LEVEL FLOTATION      
Problem 2: NAVIGATION LIGHTS      
HIN EJEV1606J617   Case Open Date: 5/30/2017
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1   Campaign Open Date 11/8/2018
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date
Severity: l   Last Date: 5/17/2019
(1)International Navigation The all-round light was approximately 0.8 m higher than the sidelights (2) 33CFR183.810. The combined navigation sidelight fixture was not marked in compliance with 33CFR183.810. Flotation Test For Persons Capacity FAILED Stability Test (Starboard) FAILED Stability Test (Port) FAILED Level Flotation Test Without Weights For Persons Capacity FAILED. Mailed boat test and DNR/CUR 5/30/17 - CC 061317 - EXPL TO MNF THAT ADDITION OF FOAM IS LIKELY NECESSARY FOR RECALL, NOT JUST CAP ADJUSTMENT. PLC. 073117 - PASSED R1. NEEDS COR FOR CITATIONS 1, 2. DNR, DNL TO START CAMP. PLC. 8/2/17 Boat PASSED all tests during retes report dated 7/31/17. Still required to do recall. Mailed retest, CUR, DNR 8/2/17- CC cert mail receipt rec 8/24/17- CC 8/24/17 rec certif receipt- CC 12/01/17 emailed mnf new CUR/DNR-CC 040618 - MNF SUBM PHOTOS OF ANOTHER UNRELATED CASE. NEEDS DNR DNL TO START CAMPAIGN. PLC 11/8/18 spoke w manager and emailed him and owner with instruction- mfr responded by email- CC 020719 - RCVD DNR, DNL. CUR1 DUE. PLC 041019 - MNF WAS NOT AWARE THAT CURs ARE DUE EVERY 3 MOs. LVM AND EMAIL WITH MNF ABOUT CURs EVERY 3 MOs. 051719 - RCVD CUR1. DENIED MNF REQ CLOSURE.