Number 18CG129S   MIC: ZBI
Company: CAMPION MARINE INC   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: EXPLORER 492 CC   Model Year: 2009-16
Problem 1: LEVEL FLOTATION      
HIN CAZBI49201K516   Case Open Date: 5/4/2018
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 85   Campaign Open Date 12/4/2018
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date
Severity: H   Last Date: 4/19/2019
(1) 33CFR183.25the capacity label also included the model name “EXPLORER 492 CC’. Per 33 CFR 181.15(d)(1), you may add the model name to the certification label, but not to the capacity label. (2) 33CFR181.15 The USCG required certification label did not include the manufacturer name and address. It was noted that the manufacturer name and address was listed in an additional NMMA section at the bottom of the USCG combined capacity/certification label. (3) 33CFR181.17(a) The letters of the manufacturer address on the NMMA section of the label were less than one-eighth of an inch in height. When added to the USCG required certification label, the address must be no less than one-eighth of an inch in height. Flotation Test For Persons Capacity FAILED Stability Test (Starboard) FAILED Stability Test (Port) FAILED Level Flotation Test Without Weights For Persons Capacity FAILED 5/23/18 report not yet mailed due to waiting for revisions-CC 5/23/18 report not yet mailed due to pending revisions-CC 073118 - MNF APPEALED VALIDITY OF TEST BC WE USED 9.9 HP KICKER ENGINE. INFO MNF: THEIR WEBSITE STATING KICKER ENGINE AS OPTION, EMAIL BETWEEN MNF AND BTF CONFIRMING KICKER OF 8 OR 9.9 BEING APPROPRIATE, BSC83 POLICY OF USING KICKER OF 10% MAIN OB RATING OF 90HP. 080918 - MNF WILL TAKE BOAT BACK TO REPAIR. 082118 - MNF ASKED AND USCG WAIVED CITATION 3, WHERE THE NAME AND ADDRESS IN THE NMMA LABEL IS SUFFICIENT REPLACEMENT FOR NAME AND ADDRESS IN THE CERT LABEL PORTION. 11/29/18 mailed passing retest with dnr/cur-CC 120418 - RCVD DNR, DNLs. RECOMMENDED CHANGES TO DNLs REPAIR WILL BE INSTALLATION OF FOAM KIT BY DEALERS. 020719 - CUR1: 0 UC. MNF CLAIMS -5F IS TOO COLD TO SHIP FOAM. 041919 - CUR2, 2 UC