Number 18CG150S   MIC: JOK
Company: K L INDUSTRIES   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: 9.4 ROWING DINGHY   Model Year: 2018
Problem 1: SAFE LOADING MAX WT      
Problem 2:      
HIN JOK25636I818   Case Open Date: 11/26/2018
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1272   Campaign Open Date 3/4/2019
Boat Type 18   Campaign Close Date
Severity: H   Last Date: 5/6/2019
1. Your boat did not meet 33 CFR 183 Subpart C (Safe Loading) requirements as detailed in the enclosed USCG Safe Loading, Safe Powering, and Flotation Compliance Test Report. Max Persons In Pounds 395 353 FAILED Maximum Weight Capacity 480 440 FAILED 11/28/18 mailed with all enclosures-CC 12/17/18 mfr emailed PLC-CC 1/24/19 mfr emailed after trying to reach out during furlough, redirected to LEN-CC 012819 - INFO MNF THAT REVISED CAP LABEL IS ACCEPTABLE MEANS OF CORRECTION FOR CAMP AS REQ BY MNF. SUGGESTED THAT ADOPTING THE LOWER CAP TO COVER PRE/POST 2019 WOULD BE EASIER, BUT NOT REQUIRED, SINCE THE DIFF IS ONLY 2 LBS IN MPC. PLC. 012919 - INFO MNF PROPOSED LOWERED CAP OF 3HP, 2P/370, 439 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR RECALL, BUT OK FOR FP. PLC.2/6/19 cert receipt received-CC 030419 - MNF SUBM DNR AND ACCEPTABLE 5HP, 3P/350, 437 CAP LABEL. PLC. 050619, CUR1, 193 UC. REMINDED MNF TO SEND CAP LABEL TO RBTF 060319 - REQ MNF TO RESEND CORRECTED CAP LABEL TO RBTF. MNF WILL SEND TO BOTH PO BOX 124 AND TO 14885 DOWELL RD.