Number 16R5768S   MIC: HIT
Company: Rock N Croc   Company Official: LEN
Model Name: ‘20 FT’ airboat   Model Year: 2016
Problem 1: LABEL; CAPACITY      
Problem 2: FUEL SYSTEM      
HIN HIT20034I516   Case Open Date: 11/28/2016
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 39   Campaign Open Date
Boat Type 20   Campaign Close Date
Severity: l   Last Date: 8/6/2019
(1) 33CFR183.23 (2) 33CFR183.101 Monohull inboard boats, inboard/outdrive boats, and airboats (3) 33CFR183.445(b) (4) 33CFR183.564(a) Each fuel fill opening must be located so that a gasoline (5) 33CFR183.564(b) (6) 33CFR 183.520(b)(2) (7) 33CFR181.5-9 (8) 33CFR183.33 & .39 The maximum weight and persons capacities marked on a boat (9) 33CFR183.514(a) Each fuel tank must have a label the meets the requirements (10) 33CFR183.566 (11)International Rules In the forward direction, sidelights as fitted on the vessel shall Rules, Annex I, 9(a)(i) & show the minimum required intensities. The intensities shall Inland Navigation decrease to reach practical cut-off between 1 degree and 3 Rules, 84.17(a). Mailed letter, CUR and DNR 11/30/16 JT. 12/6/2016 PHONE CALL WITH MFR PROVIDING EXTENSIVE DIRECTION REGARDING CASE , CAMPAIGN, AND EXEMPTION PROCESS. LEN. 2/2/2017 RCVD PHONE CALL FROM MFR ASKING FOR EXTENSION DUE TO RECENT LENGTHY HOSIPITALIZATION. GRANTED 60 DAYS. 3/22/17 LEN RCVD DNR AND TECH BULLETIN. PROVIDED DIRECTION TO MFR BY EMAIL. LEN 8/11/17 resent original letter per Thresa'as request , copied LEN- CC 09/12/17 em mnf-CC 10/19/17 changed next date to LENs return-CC 12/06/17 emailed LEN for clarification-CC 1/24/18 spoke w thresa and em mnf, expressed urgency-CC 1/25/18 spoke to Ms. Smart who is taking over the case. Gave direct instruction by phone and email as instructed by LEN. Awaiting 1st purch and CUR-CC 2/1/18 rec CUR1 0/39 5/2/18 em mnf reminder for CUR-CC5/8/2018 RCVD CUR 2. 0 OF 39 REPAIRED. LEN 8/28/18 em mnf for cur-CC 9/5/18 left vm for RS-CC 9/6/2018 RCVD CUR 3. 7 REFUSED REPAIR. 0 OF 39 REPAIRED. LEN 11/1/2018 RCVD CUR 4. 7 REFUSED REPAIR. 0 OF 39 REPAIRED. LEN 1/22/2019 RCVD CUR 5. 7 REFUSED REPAIR. 0 OF 39 REPAIRED. LEN 4/24/19 em mfr for updated CUR-CC 5/9/2019 RCVD CUR 6. 7 REFUSED REPAIR. 0 OF 39 REPAIRED. LEN 8/6/2019 RCVD CUR 7. 7 REFUSED REPAIR. 0 OF 39 REPAIRED. LEN