Number 18CG122S   MIC: SNT
Company: SANTEE BOATS LLC   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: 160 CC   Model Year: 2018
Problem 2: NAVIGATION LIGHTS      
HIN STN00030L718   Case Open Date: 1/12/2018
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 3   Campaign Open Date 5/9/2019
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date
Severity: L   Last Date: 5/9/2019
(1) Cert Label < 1/8" (2) Cap Line in label < 1/8" (3) Cert label with non-applicable fuel, electrical, ventilation language. (4)The sidelights mounted in the flare of the bow were not aligned with the centerline of the boat. MPC in lbs FAILED MWC FAILED Flotation Test For Persons FAILED Stability Starboard FAILED Stability Port FAILED LF w/o Person FAILED 1/17/18 mailed with CUR/DNR-CC 2/9/18 spoke to mnf and he is planning to come to rbtf in a week or so. He lm for PLC and has been talking to Allan-CC 2/13/18 cer rec returned-CC 3/12/18 entered and mailed retest Flotation Test For Persons Capacity FAILED Stability Test (Starboard)FAILED Stability Test (Port) FAILED- CC 032618 - Failed Retest 1 in all three LF tests. MNF will lower HP from 35 to 25HP since no first purchasers have the 35HP. Will pay for R2 then DN. PLC. 3/29/18 rec cert mail receipt-CC 4/6/18 mailed retest. Still not passing Stability Test (Starboard) FAILED Stability Test (Port) FAILED- CC 4/24/18 rec cert mail-CC 052318 - FOAM ADDED FOR R1 BUT FAILED, CAP LOWERED BUT FAILED R2, ADDITIONAL FOAM ADDED AND PASSED R3. NEED COMBINATION REPAIR KIT TO BE MAILED TO RBTF, DNL, DNR. PLC. 5/23/18 PASSED retest, mailed 5/30/18-CC 6/21/18 rec cert mail receipt-CC 040819 - CALLED MNF (RALPH) TO FIND OUT THE TOTAL COMBINATION REPAIR AND STATUS OF DNR DNL BULLETIN. MNF WILL PROVIDE ITEMS BY 050819. 050919 - MNF SUBM DNR DNL, STILL MISSING TB