Number 190032T   MIC:
Company: INDMAR PRODUCTS   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: Supra 400 450 575 Moomba 450   Model Year: 2019
Problem 1: ELECTRICAL      
Problem 2:      
HIN   Case Open Date: 5/15/2019
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units 1103   Campaign Open Date 6/12/2019
Boat Type 32   Campaign Close Date
Severity: H   Last Date: 8/12/2019
Some 2019 model year Indmar 6.2 liter engines are equipped with a 230 amp alternator. The voltage regulator in this alternators may fail under certain conditions causing a thermal event resulting in an unexpected engine shutdown without the possibility of restarting. Indmar servicing dealers or OE boat builders will replace affected alternators with a new replacement equipped with an upgraded voltage regulator. Failure to complete these repairs may result in serious bodily injury, property damage, or death. Affected Engine model numbers: F101925E,F101955E,F101955M,F101957E,F101957E,F101975E, FTG1925E,FTG1928E, FTG1948E,FTG1955E,FTG1958E,FTG1976E,F161975E,F161976E 061219 - RCVD DNR DNLs TB 081219 - CUR1, 684 UC