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Compliance Guidelines

Boatbuilder's Handbook Downloads

Download PDF versions of the Boatbuilders Handbook. If you do not already have it, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these documents. You can download it at the Adobe website.

Part 1 — Regulations and Other Information
Part 1(PDF) (1.40 MB)

Part 2 — Safety Circulars #64 and an excerpt from #83
BSC64 (PDF) (1.73 MB)  |  BSC83 (PDF) (299 KB) | BSC81 (PDF) (587 KB)

Part 3 — Consumer Fact Sheets
Part 3 (PDF) (867 KB)

Compliance Guidelines:

Subpart I — Electrical Systems
PDF version (1.34 MB)

Subpart J — Fuel Systems
PDF version (1.50 MB)

Subpart K — Ventilation
PDF version (1.16 MB)

Subpart C — Safe Loading & Subpart B — Display of Capacity Information
PDF version (617 KB)

Subpart F, Subpart G, & Subpart H — Flotation Requirements
PDF version (1.02 MB)






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