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This section is for any person engaged in the manufacture, construction, or assembly of boats or associated equipment, or the importation of boats, associated equipment, or the components thereof, into the United States for sale. It also provides safety information to boat owners or those considering the purchase of a recreational vessel.

Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch

The branch is part of the Boating Safety Division and is responsible for tracking safety issues with boats and associated equipment.

Manufacturer's Identification Code

A listing of boat manufacturers and importers that have been assigned a Manufacturer's Identification Code (MIC). This information is used by the State BLA or representative to confirm the validity of an assigned MIC while validating Hull Identification Number (HIN).

Apply for a Manufacturer's Identification Code

Email requests may be sent to the request must indicate the manufacturer's name and U.S. address along with the general types and lengths of boats that will be manufactured.

Recalls on Boat and Associated Equipment

A database of safety defects and non-compliance in recreational boats and associated equipment.

Defect Notification

Manufacturers are required to furnish a notice of defect or failure.

Report a Potential Safety Defect

Do you suspect a safety defect with your boat? File a Recreational Boat Potential Safety Defect Report.

Boating Safety Circulars

Useful alerts on many boat and associated equipment concerns

Propeller Guard Test Protocol

The United States Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety announce the release of the Propeller Guard Test Procedure report developed for the Coast Guard under the auspices of the American Boat and Yacht Council. This procedure is intended for use by developers of propeller guard devices and independent third party testing entities to test propeller guard products in a consistent, repeatable manner.