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PFD label and POS Graphics


Note: The images and graphics on this page are not U.S. Government Works.

Use Statement: Commandant United States Coast Guard (CG-BSX) has entered into a copyright permission agreement with Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (“UL”) to provide a publicly available source of the graphics required for labels and Point of Sale (“POS”) materials on USCG Approved PFDs complying with UL standards. To be used for educational and training purposes. The USCG intends to reproduce, publish, and otherwise use the works for Federal Purposes, and authorize others to do so.

Note: This agreement does not grant Publisher any rights, authority or license to use or authorize the use of UL’s trademarks, service marks, certification marks, logos, company name, corporate identity, or any abbreviation thereof.

Note: Within the confines of these standards Whitewater is meant to mean; any activity with a vessel on Class II and above rapids as determined by the six-class “International Scale of River Difficulty”. This definition applies only to those sections of the river with such rapids, and not the entire river.

The following graphics are currently available.

Standard for Marine Buoyant Devices
Standard for Fully Inflatable Recreational Personal Flotation Devices
ANSI/CAN/UL Standard for Personal Flotation Devices – Part 5: Buoyancy Aids (Level 50) – Safety Requirements
su2078a - Performance - Environment su2742a - Performance - Turning su2078 -Performance - Environment
su2080 - Warning Icons su2842 - Example Label su2085c - Choose the Device (front)
su2083c - Example Label su2843 - Example Label su2086c - Choose the Device (back)
su2084c - Example Label su2844 - Performance - Environment su2113a - Child Placard
su2085a - Choose the Device (front) su2080 - Warning Icons su3466 - Example Label
su2086b - Choose the Device (back)   su3467 - Example Label
su2113 - Child Placard   su3468 - Performance - Turning
su2742 - Performance - Turning   su3469 - Warning Icon
    su3470 - Warning Icons – PWC & Towed
    su3471 - Warning Icon - Whitewater