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Boating Safety Circulars

The Coast Guard periodically publishes important notices for the boating public in publications called "Boating Safety Circulars." Content includes advisories about newly identified boating hazards, information on boat defects and recalls, rules and regulations for recreational boats, and other news and information of interest to the boating community. The publications are a valuable source of information on established or proposed regulations and standards as well as other safety topics.

Safety Circulars are grouped together and identified by issue number. If you have any questions about a Circular, please refer to the issue number assigned to it.

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Circular #



94 Spring 2020
  • COVID-19 Sources of Information and Ways That Boat Builders Can Help
  • National Boating Safety Advisory Committee Vacancy Announcement
  • Proper Capacity Label Placement
  • Certification Label Requirements From the Archives: Don’t Build a Boat Without Them (Standards)
  • Calendar of Events
  • Notice of Defects or Non-Compliances
93 Fall 2019
  • Gear Weight – The Forgotten Number
  • Composite Boat with PWC Powering
  • From the Archives:
  • Bare Hulls; What are They?
  • Manufacturer Identification Codes
  • U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boat Compliance Testing Policy Guidelines
  • Reminder to Update Your MIC Registration
  • Boating Safety Circular Index 2000-2019
  • Calendar of Events
  • Notice of Defects or Non-Compliances
92 Spring 2019
  • HINs for Racing Vessels
  • Recreational Boat Safe Loading and Flotation Regulations
  • Summary of MIBS 2019 Inspection Citations by Type
  • Capacity Label 101 – Back to the Basics
  • Calendar of Events
  • Notice of Defects or Non-Compliances
91 Fall 2018
  • Updated Outboard Engine Weights
  • National Boating Safety Advisory Council
  • New Point of Contact for Manufacturer’s Identification
  • Model Year
  • Lifejacket Approval Harmonization
  • Alternatives to Pyrotechnic Distress Signals
  • Calendar of Events
  • Notices of Defects or NonCompliances
90 Spring 2017
  • My Boat is Defective or is it?
  • Grant of Exemption: An Overview
  • Conducting Drills for Your Kids
  • Is a gasoline outboard kicker too much horsepower?
  • Notices of Defects or Non-Compliances

Spring 2016

  • Shallow Water Boats Including Texas Flats Boats Stability Study Update
  • Responsibility of a Recreational Boat Importer
  • Navigation Lights, The rules are for your safety
  • We’ve Got an App for That
  • Does the Coast Guard Certify Boats
  • Backyard Built Boats; Things You May Not Know
  • Notices of Defects or Non-Compliances
88 Fall 2014
  • Texas Flats Boat Stability Study
  • Notice of Violation
  • Recreational Boat Testing and Compliance Program
  • Verification of Hull Identification Numbers
  • Hull Reflective Stripe Can Save Lives
  • Carbon Monoxide Hazard Mitigation Revisited
  • Websites of Note
  • Recalls
87 December 2013
  • Release of Propeller Guard Test Procedure Report
  • Bare Hulls; What Are They
  • Kit Boat Manufacturers and Coast Guard Safety Standards and Regulations
  • Sale of Foreign-Built Boats by Importers
  • Recreational Boat Factory Visit Program
  • Coast Guard Manufacturer Identification Code Database
  • Websites of Note
  • Recalls
86 August 2008
85 March 2007
84 January 2004
83 September 2003
82 March 2001
81 December 1999
80 December 1998
79 Aprill 1997
78 August 1996
76 June 1994
75 June 1993
74 June 1992
73 December 1991
72 September 1991
71 April 1991
70 August 1990
69 October 1989
68 March 1989
64 December 1986


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