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Recalls and safety Defects

Is your boat safe? You can check for documented and alleged defects for all boats manufactured in or imported into the United States essential information for boat owners or those considering the purchase of a recreational vessel.

Manufacturers Identification

Information on all recreational boat manufacturers and importers in the U.S. and Canada.

Product Assurance Branch

The branch is part of the Boating Safety Division and is responsible for tracking safety issues with recreational boats and equipment.

Boating Safety Circulars

Useful alerts on many recreational boat and equipment concerns.

Marine Safety Alerts

Marine Safety alerts are intended to quickly advise the public of conditions that, if left unaddressed, pose urgent threats to safety in fleets of vessels (this includes recreational boats) or particular types of operations and propose voluntary actions for elimination or mitigation of those threats.

Defect Notification

Submit defect reports and review recalls, for both manufacturers and the recreational boater, on boats and associated equipment