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1999 Nonprofit Organization Grants


Organization Project Title Funding Level Grant Number
American Boat & Yacht Council Voluntary Standards Development Support $132,561.00
American Boat & Yacht Council Conduct Technical Seminars $70,000.00
American Canoe Association National Livery Safety System for Whitewater Paddlesport $100,000.00
American Canoe Association Reversing the Trend: A Heads-up for Whitewater Paddlers $30,000.00
BOATU.S. Foundation Campaign for the EPIRB Rental Program $40,000.00
BOATU.S. Foundation Boating Safety Interventions for Anglers and Hunters $170,000.00
CG Auxiliary National Board, Inc. "Boating Fun" Boating Safety Education for Children in Grades K-3 $60,000.00
CG Auxiliary National Board, Inc. Safety Outreach to Recreational Boating Public and Industry $75,000.00
Emergency Nurses CARE Recreational Boating Injuries in US Emergency Rooms $142,700.00
JSI Research and Training Institute National Estimate of Personal Flotation Device Wear Rate $115,000.00
Marine Safety Foundation Risk Management and Human Factors in Boating Applications $100,000.00
National Assoc. of State Boating Law Admin. Development/Production of Accident Investigation Training Videos $20,000.00
National Assoc. of State Boating Law Admin. Creating National Standards for Boat Operator Proficiency Phase 3 $57,700.00
National Assoc. of State Boating Law Admin. State/Federal Partnering in National Rec. Boating Safety Program $435,000.00
National Assoc. of State Boating Law Admin. Develop and Conduct Staged Boating Collisions $105,000.00
National Assoc. of State Boating Law Admin. National Rec. Boating Safety Accident Investigation Seminars $230,000.00
National Assoc. of State Boating Law Admin. Boating 21- A Strategic Plan for the New Millennium    $75,000.00
National Boating Federation Cellular Telephone Communications $30,000.00
National Recreation and Park Association Best Practices Manual and Education Program for Personal Watercraft $116,000.00
National Safe Boating Council Boat Smart 2000: A North American Safe Boating Campaign $390,000.00
National Safe Boating Council Coast Guard/National Safe Boating Council Partnering Grant $45,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Costs Associated with Attendance at Boating Meetings $20,000.00
National Water Safety Congress 2000 International Boating and Water Safety Summit $83,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Local Water Safety Councils Projects $6,000.00
Science Service Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Coast Guard   Award $10,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories Voluntary Standards Development Support $30,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories Develop/Evaluate Improvement of Navigational Light Visibility $42,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories Recreational Boat Foam Detection Methods $15,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories Investigate Inflation Systems   (3 investigations, $19,240 each) $57,720.00
Underwriters Laboratories Investigate Window Materials for Inflation System Indicators $19,400.00
United Safe Boating Institute, Inc. National Boating Course Graduate Database $69,000.00
United Safe Boating Institute, Inc. Personal Watercraft Safety Program Video $27,000.00
United States Sailing Association Sailing Smart - Phase 2 $24,000.00