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2008 Nonprofit Organization Grants


Organization Project Title Funding Level Grant Number
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. FY2008 Voluntary Standards $285,000.00
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. FY2008 Accident Mitigation Update Meetings $22,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. The Drowning Trap – Wear Your Life Jacket $140,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Paddlesports Education and Safety Awareness Campaign $50,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Connecting Paddlers to Instruction $100,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Paddlesport Partnering and Targeted Boating Safety $90,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. National Advanced Instruction Database Phase 2 $80,000.00
Boat U.S. Foundation Life Jacket Wear Rate for Anglers $400,000.00
Carbon Monoxide Action Group PSA on TV about the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide on Boats $46,000.00
CEERI Pilot Program to Expand Boater Education Program $90,000.00
FFRBSEEA Inflatable Life Jacket Testing for Children 16 Years and Under $135,000.00
Foundation for Rowing Education Safety Launch Training Program for Rowing Coaches $110,000.00
JSI Research 2008 National Estimate of Personal Flotation Devices $480,000.00
NASBLA Improving Safety & Reliability of Staged Boating Collisions $19,864.00
NASBLA Implementing National RBS Strategic Plan NASBLA & States $720,000.00
NASBLA Improving the Reliability of Accident Reporting $380,000.00
NASBLA Decreasing Alcohol-Related Recreational Boating Accidents $385,000.00
NASBLA Evaluating NASBLA-Approved Boating Ed and Improving Compliance $475,000.00
NASBLA Creation of Education Stds. For Paddlesports-Focused Boating Safety Course $17,850.00
National Safe Boating Council Wear It 2007-2011 $700,000.00
National Safe Boating Council National Safe Boating Partnering Proposal $90,000.00
National Safe Boating Council Basic Safe Boat Handling Course $162,000.00
National Water Safety Congress International Boating & Water Safety Summit $120,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Spirit of America Youth Education $110,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Grass Roots Grant $45,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Partnering Grant $90,000.00
Sea Tow Survey and Review of Navigation Rules and State Violations $95,000.00
Sea Tow Increase Life Jacket Use by High Risk Rec. Boaters $80,000.00
Sea Tow Boating Safety Challenge $275,000.00
Society for Science and the Public Science Services $10,000.00
U.S. Sailing Partnering Proposal 2008 $19,452.00
Underwriters Laboratories Development of Requirements for Risk Based Assessments $90,000.00
United Safe Boating Institute PFD Point of Purchase Show Board $45,000.00
United Safe Boating Institute Safe Boating Partnering $30,000 $30,480.00
United Safe Boating Institute Booklet: Safe Boating Tips for Anglers, Hunters and Campers $77,000.00
US Power Squadrons Small Boats Can = Safe Boating TV Show $190,000.00