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2001 Nonprofit Organization Grants


Organization Project Title Funding Level Grant Number
American Boat & Yacht Council Voluntary Standards Development Support $96,000.00
American Canoe Association Quickstart Your Canoe/Kayak: Two New Video Primers $62,000.00
American Waterways Operators Foundation LIFELINES Recreational Boating Safety Brochures $37,909.00
BOATU.S. Foundation Boating Safety Interventions for Anglers & Hunters $343,000.00
CG Auxiliary Association, Inc. Enhancement of Vessel Safety Check & Marine Dealer Visit Programs $110,316.00
Emergency Nurses CARE Recreational Boating Injuries in U.S. Emergency Departments Study $85,498.00
JSI Research and Training National Estimate of PFD Wear Rates $127,005.00
Marine Safety Foundation Carbon Monoxide Build-up in Vicinity of Houseboats $84,590.00
Marine Safety Foundation Risk Management and Human Error in Boating Applications $125,000.00
Nat'l Assoc. of State Boat Law Admin. NASBLA Recreational Boating Safety Partnering Grant $436,200.00
Nat'l Assoc. of State Boat Law Admin. National RBS Boating Accident Investigation Seminars $270,000.00
Nat'l Assoc. of State Boat Law Admin. Personal Watercraft Checklist $16,000.00
Nat'l Assoc. of State Boat Law Admin. Reference Guide to State Boating Education Laws and Regulations $70,000.00
Nat'l Assoc. of State Boat Law Admin. Conduct a Nationwide Needs Assessment $235,000.00
National Safe Boating Council, Inc. Boat Smart From the Start 2002 North American Safe Boating Campaign $370,000.00
National Safe Boating Council, Inc. Local Recreational Boating Safety Grant Program $25,000.00
National Safe Boating Council, Inc. USCG/National Safe Boating Council 2002 Partnering Grant $73,500.00
National Safe Boating Council, Inc. Boat Smart From the Start - Family Guide to Safe Boating $80,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Costs Associated with Attendance at Boating & Water Safety Meetings $10,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Grass Roots Grant Program to Support Local Water Safety Councils Projects $6,000.00
National Water Safety Congress 2002 International Boating & Water Safety Summit $80,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Revise the Guidebook for Multiple Use Waterway Management $85,000.00
Science Service Intel International Science and Engineering Fair $10,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Develop Test Standard for LED Navigation Lights $28,000.00
United Safe Boating Institute Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Brochure $50,000.00
United States Sailing Association Power Boat Training Courses $33,982.00


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