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2004 Nonprofit Organization Grants


Organization Project Title Funding Level Grant Number
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. Propeller Injury Avoidance Seminar $7,000.00
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. Voluntary Standards Development $100,000.00
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. Carbon Monoxide Workshop Part III $7,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Further Imp of Smartstart for Paddlers Safety Course $40,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Reduce Paddlesport Fatalities $10,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Paddlesport Partnering: Phase 2 $50,000.00
Boat U.S. Foundation Digital Selective Calling Tutorial Grant $45,000.00
Boat U.S. Foundation Boating Safety Interventions for Anglers and Hunters $280,000.00
CG Auxiliary Association, Inc. Continued Support & Enhancement of Vessel Safety Check $65,000.00
Emergency Nurses Association Recreational Boating Injuries Treated in the US Emer Depts $115,000.00
FRBSEEA Phase II: State of Recreational Boating Research Study $125,000.00
JSI National Estimate of Personal Flotation Devices Wear Rate $135,000.00
Marine Safety Foundation, Inc. Recreational Boat Navigation Light Installation Practices $0.00
Marine Safety Foundation, Inc. Risk Management and Human Error in Boating Applications $0.00
NASBLA National Rec Boating Safety Boating Accident Seminars $145,000.00
NASBLA BUI Detection and Enforcement Training Seminars $0.00
NASBLA State & Federal Partnering in Natl Rec Boat Safety Program $335,500.00
NASBLA Personal Flotation Device Label Design and Classification $120,000.00
National Safe Boating Council 2005 International Boating & Water Safety Summit $70,000.00
National Safe Boating Council 2005 Local Rec Boating Safety Grant Program $0.00
National Safe Boating Council 2005 Partnering Grant $75,000.00
National Safe Boating Council Boat Smart 2005 A North American Safe Boating Campaign $360,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Support Grass Roots Grants for Local Water Safety Councils $10,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Partnering Grant $29,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Voluntary Standards Development Support $0.00
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Revised Think Safe Pamphlet $0.00
United Safe Boating Institute, Inc. Global Maritime Distress & Safety System Brochure $10,000.00
United Safe Boating Institute, Inc. Safe Boating Partnering Grant $22,000.00
United States Power Squadrons Develop Teachers Manual WaterSmart Natl Boating Safety $47,000.00