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2007 Nonprofit Organization Grants


Organization Project Title Funding Level Grant Number
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. FY2007 Voluntary Standards $250,000.00
American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc. FY2007 Accident Mitigation Update Meetings $30,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Paddle Safe, Paddle Smart Phase 3 $120,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Canoeing and Kayaking for Persons with Disabilities $42,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Information Where You Need It $40,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Connecting Paddlers to Instruction: American Paddler Course $100,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Point of Purchase Paddling Course $70,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. Paddlesport Partnering and Targeted Kayak Outreach $88,000.00
American Canoe Association, Inc. National Advanced Instruction Database $140,000.00
Boat U.S. Foundation Interventions for Anglers and Hunters $400,000.00
Boat U.S. Foundation Spanish Language boat Handling Decal $55,000.00
Coast Guard Auxiliary Rewrite BAR Form $18,480.00
JSI Research 2007 National Estimate of Personal Flotation Devices $285,000.00
NASBLA BUI Detection and Enforcement Seminars $105,000.00
NASBLA Creation of a National Registry Database $60,000.00
NASBLA State and Federal Partnering $525,000.00
NASBLA National Recreational Boating Safety Accident Investigation Seminars $315,000.00
NASBLA Validation of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests $230,000.00
NASBLA Navigation Rules Training Module/Marine Law Enforcement $45,000.00
NASBLA Boating Safety Education Training $45,000.00
NASBLA Comprehensive Review of Boating Education Programs $260,000.00
National Safe Boating Council Wear It 2007-2011 $650,000.00
National Safe Boating Council Interactive Polling for the Boating Public Grant $50,000.00
National Safe Boating Council 2008 Partnering Grant $88,000.00
National Safe Boating Council National Safe Boating Council RBS Modern History Book $19,900.00
National Safety Council Recreational Boating Safety For Older Adults $75,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Boating Water Safety Summit $110,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Spirit of America Youth Education $100,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Cold Water Boot Camp $200,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Grass Roots Grant $40,000.00
National Water Safety Congress Partnering Grant $88,000.00
Safe Kids Worldwide Kids Don't Float $200,000.00
Science Services Science Services $10,000.00
Underwriters Laboratories Development of Requirements for Risk Based Assessments $90,000.00
United Safe Boating Institute Partnering Grant $30,000.00
US Power Squadrons Re-publish Watersmart Manual $195,000.00
US Rowing Safety Information Services for the Rowing Community $50,000.00