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A boats hull identification number (HIN) is as unique as a cars VIN or a person’s social security number.  Entering even one character incorrectly causes you to alter the boats identity entirely.

Verify whether a vessel has a primary HIN meeting the requirements of 33 CFR 181 subpart C, including if the Manufacturer’s Identification Code (MIC) is valid. The issuing authority can determine how the HIN can be presented for verification. Acceptable methods include:
• Pencil tracing;
• Photographs;
• Physical inspection by a state official;
• Signed affidavit by the owner attesting to accuracy of the HIN;
• Contacting the manufacturer;
• Checking the USCG MIC website to confirm the validity of the HIN; and
• Checking the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) database.

Hull Identification Number (HIN) Validation & Verification Guidelines

Policy #2020-1 Implementation of Title 33 CFR 174.16, Verification of Hull Identification Number (HIN)