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Coast Guard Directives

A directive is "a document that briefly and broadly articulates DHS policies, missions, programs, or activities of a continuing nature that are required or authorized by statute, rulemaking, the President, or the Secretary to initiate, govern or regulate actions or conduct by DHS Components, officers, and employees."

Directives establishes policy, establishes or changes organizational structure, delegates authority, assigns responsibility, establishes a form or report or, revises, supplements, or cancels a directive.

Coast Guard Directives

US Coast Guard Directives applicable to the Recreational Boating Safety Program are:

Implementation of America's Waterway Watch and Local Maritime Homeland Security Outreach and Awareness Programs COMDTINST 16618.8 (series)
Federal/State Relations - Recreational Boating Safety COMDTINST 16750.8 (series)
United States Coast Guard Regulations COMDTINST M5000.3 (series)
Marine Safety Manual, Volume I, Administration and Management COMDTINST M16000.6 (series)
Marine Safety Manual, Volume II, Material Inspection COMDTINST M16000.7 (series)
Marine Safety Manual, Volume III, Marine Industry Personnel COMDTINST M16000.8 (series)
Marine Safety Manual, Volume V, Investigations and Enforcement COMDTINST M16000.10 (series)
Marine Safety Manual, Volume VI, Ports and Waterways Activities COMDTINST M16000.11 (series)
Marine Safety Manual, Volume IX, Marine Environmental Protection COMDTINST M16000.14 (series)
Financial Assistance Program for National Nonprofit Public Service COMDTINST M16755.2 (series)
Grant Management Guide for the National Nonprofit Recreational Boating Safety Grants Program COMDTINST M16755.4 (series)
State Recreational Boating Safety Programs COMDTPUB P16755.3

Coast Guard Doctrine applicable to the Recreational Boating Safety Program are:

Doctrine for the U.S. Coast Guard (Pub 1) Pub 1
Coast Guard Publication 3-0; (CG Pub 3-0), Operations Pub 3-0
Coast Guard Publication 3-28; (CG Pub 3-28), Incident Management and Crisis Response Pub 3-28

Coast Guard Policy Letters applicable to the Recreational Boating Safety Program: