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2016 Nonprofit Organization Grants


Organization Project Title Funding Level Grant Number
American Boat & Yacht Council Inc 2016 Voluntary Manufacturing Standards $235,000.00 3316FAN160201
American Canoe Association National Safe Boating Campaign: Creative Photography Series & Information Graphics $70,000.00 3316FAN160202
American Canoe Association Paddle Safe Web TV Series $150,000.00 3316FAN160203
American Canoe Association Stand Up Paddleboarding-Rescue Training Initiative $61,261.00 3316FAN160204
JSI Research 2016 National Estimate of Life Jacket Wear Rate $220,000.00 3316FAN160206
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators RBS Strategic Plan $255,000.00 3316FAN160207
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Conduct Staged Boating Collisions $49,148.00 3316FAN160208
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Advancing Boater Education and Training: The Spring Aboard National Boater Education Campaign $165,000.00 3316FAN160209
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators National Recreational Boating Safety Boating Accident Investigation Courses $266,000.00 3316FAN160210
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators BUI Detection and Enforcement Training Courses $128,000.00 3316FAN160211
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators BUI Awareness and Enforcement Campaign: Operation Dry Water $240,000.00 3316FAN160212
National Safe Boating Council 2017 Boating Safety Media Toolbox $100,000.00 3316FAN160213
National Safe Boating Council Read the Label National Safe Boating Campaign for the New Life Jacket Standards $75,000.00 3316FAN160214
National Safe Boating Council Clip It - Wear It! Propeller Safety and Engine Cut-off Device Safe Boating Campaign $100,000.00 3316FAN160215
National Safe Boating Council 2017 International Boating and Water Safety Summit $100,000.00 3316FAN160216
National Safe Boating Council Distracted Boating Proper Lookout Scanning Techniques Campaign $85,000.00 3316FAN160217
National Safe Boating Council Life Jacket Outreach and Education North American Safe Boating Campaign $370,000.00 3316FAN160218
National Water Safety Congress Cold Water Immersion $75,000.00 3316FAN160219
Sea Tow Foundation Designated Skipper $100,000.00 3316FAN160220
Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Station $125,000.00 3316FAN160221
Spirit of America Spirit of America Youth- Family & Community Hands-On Boating Safety Education Programs $175,000.00 3316FAN160222
The Corps Foundation National Adult Boating Safety Campaign: Life Jackets Worn...Nobody Mourns $175,000.00 3316FAN160205
U.S. Sailing Develop On-Water Boat Operation $240,000.00 3316FAN160223
United States Power Squadrons Digital Media Library 2.0: Content- Methods and Strategies $175,000.00 3316FAN160224
United States Power Squadrons Year-Round Safe Boating Campaign $200,000.00 3316FAN160225
United States Power Squadrons Boating Skills Virtual Trainer IV: Simulation Training for Recreational Boaters $190,000.00 3316FAN160226
Water Solutions Group Rental Boat Safety Campaign $100,000.00 3316FAN160227
Water Sports Foundation A National Public Boating Safety Outreach Campaign for Boaters with Limited English Proficiency $120,000.00 3316FAN160228
Water Sports Foundation Increasing the Awareness of Safe Boating Practices $800,000.00 3316FAN160229
Water Sports Foundation Media Toolbox to Assist Entities in Carrying out Media and Other Awareness Campaigns Related to Pertinent Boating Safety Messaging $60,000.00 3316FAN160230
Water Sports Foundation Increasing the Awareness of Paddle Sports Safety $150,000.00 3316FAN160231


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